Mobile App

Lots of people like apps on their phone / tablet rather than searching through the internet for something they want. We now have an “App” !

For Android

Please use Chrome Browser, it does not work correctly in firefox, I am not sure why but hopefully it will be fixed.

In Chrome…. if you see a banner at the bottom of this page click on that and follow the instructions.
If not click on the three dots on the address bar, you should see ‘add to home screen’ in the menu, click that, then add.

For IOS devices

Please use safari, when viewing this page please click on share icon share button then add to home screen

To be honest it is not one of the apps you can download from a store, it is the new type called a ‘progressive web app’ these were pioneered by Google as a way of being a quick accessible way to have a icon on your phone / tablet, to take you to the webpage without browser controls showing as well. If you are unsure just google progressive web app for more information.
Why are we using PWAs ? because they allow us to give you an icon (if you want it) without the problems (and cost) of getting an app onto the various stores (google, samsung, apple, huawei etc). It also allows you to install it straight from the website.

Please note that only airports you have visited while online will be available when offline.

Please use the contact page Here if you wish to give us feedback.

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