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      They have water fountains, however it’s a bit pointless as for some reason they don’t let you take empty water bottles through security. Never had this at any airport anywhere in the world. I even said to the guy “it’s empty, are you sure?” and he said yes.
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        there was NO drinking water at GYD despite repeated requests to.provide at fountains. Very very bad impression. Cheap airport 

        We questioned this because the airport said they had water fountains, this was the reply from the person who contacted us

        There were fountains for sure.. unplugged and out of water.

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          Our terminal has 5 free drinking (potable) water fountains.

          2 water fountains are on arrival (before passport control)
          1 water fountain is at transit zone (before transit check-in)
          2 water fountains are in duty-free shopping zone
          All related information at our web-site.
          Water fountain # 54 at the map.
          Best regards,

          NAZIM ASKAROV, Heydar Aliyev International Airport.



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