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      To let you know in Heraklion airport (Crete) there were no water filling facilities. And we were told not to use water from the taps as it wasn’t fit for drinking. I am not keen on Crete tap water anyway (it has an almost salty minerally taste – I can’t get used to it, it seems to make you feel more thirsty after drinking it – you can buy bottled Crete water and it is the same – I think some hotels filter it or something to dispense to guests as it doesn’t seem as minerally from bars/food places as directly out of the tap) . Anyway bottled water was 0.5 euro for a 500ml bottle from the food places – so at least not a rip off (I think it was more expensive in duty free). Although I would have preferred if we could have got just one big bottle (say 1.5L) and decanted it to save plastic waste.

      Thank you again for a really useful site.

      L Winward

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